Over the Antarctic Peninsula

This week’s highlight was definitely the opportunity to join two instrument installation day-trips to the Larsen ice-shelf. My first time to fly the mighty Twin Otter, to feel the shaky landing on a snow-field and work in the field with three experienced Antarctic ladies surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of rock, ice and snow were all memorable moments that I will always remember, but also wanted to conserve somehow outside of my mind too. Thus I’ve not only written it down to my weekly diary, but also cut a short movie of the videos I made during the trip and also created a TaleMap about it.

PC020151 (Medium)

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Weekdays at Rothera

This moment I feel like living at Rothera. I am part of this Antarctic station’s everyday life and I’m very glad for this experience, even if it lasts only for a moment. In a few days I will say good-bye to this little village surrounded by the frozen sea and fly to Berkner island, which will be a completely different experience. I try to preserve this valuable moment by writing down what I learned about this amazing place in the last two weeks, knowing that this was just a fracture of what Rothera is.


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Arrival to Antarctica

Well, here I am, and here is everything they promised: the frozen sea, the ice-bergs, the sun shining all day, the freezing wind and the snow covered landscape, the self-sufficient buildings, the ruggedized airplanes, just as they told, just as it was on the photos, but this time I am on the picture too, between the flapping flags, between the rocks raising over the the sea-ice, under the blazing sun in the chilly wind. It wouldn’t be much different if I would just be dreaming it all.


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