Arrival to Antarctica

Well, here I am, and here is everything they promised: the frozen sea, the ice-bergs, the sun shining all day, the freezing wind and the snow covered landscape, the self-sufficient buildings, the ruggedized airplanes, just as they told, just as it was on the photos, but this time I am on the picture too, between the flapping flags, between the rocks raising over the the sea-ice, under the blazing sun in the chilly wind. It wouldn’t be much different if I would just be dreaming it all.


Now every moment is a new experience, every day is different, various clouds, changing weather, sun sets and rises at different times and directions, every day I learn a lot and every afternoon I feel urge to go outside, to ski, to run, to hike, and every night I meet new people, I hear new stories. So I hope you understand that I have little time to write, and thus I focus on my diary and might write longer articles later. But until that if you are interested in the life in Antarctica read my diary records that I write every week and visit the photo album where I upload photos almost every day. And do not hesitate to write me your questions, comments or critics, I would very much appreciate all of them.

Take care and if you feel cold in the winter, think about me feeling colder.

[Diary] [Photos] [Antarctica page]


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