Antarctic map

Here is the map of my Antarctic journey. Everything in blue is history (dark blue icons contain links to diary records), while everything in grey is according to the current plan, but journeys doesn’t always happen as planned (especially the site visits). I will update the map at every stages, so you can follow the whole one and half year long journey here

You can download the KMZ version here.

The first part of my journey happened as planned, however the flight to Berkner has been delayed, I had the opportunity to visit the Larsen ice-shelf with an instrumentation day-trip. See detailed map below.

Rather later than sooner, but finally I flied out from Rothera towards Berkner through Sky Blu depot. The experience was worth waiting for.


A week on the Foundation ice-stream, living in the small camp of  Jonny Cash depot and visiting GPS sites to be serviced.


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