Your adventure

Every adventure starts as a dream, but to come true it has to be planned, organized and realized. With the sufficient time and energy you will be able to make your dream come true, and I hope this page will help you with it. So feel free to use the tracks and descriptions, get inspired, get informed and never hesitate to ask questions. I only ask you in return to write about your adventures, so they can be shared with other dreamers.

However, some of you might not have the sufficient time or energy besides the work and family to do all the preparations alone. Still, I guess you would like to make the most out of your hard-earned holidays. This is where an adventure guide comes handy. There is nothing complicated about it: I give you some of my time for a fair amount of your money (or cakes, or shiny things). It is efficient because I already did this before so it won’t take as much of my time as it would take of yours. Also, if you are a group you can split the cost. I can help you in planning the route, collecting the equipment, arranging the travel and accommodation, prepare physically and mentally for the adventure, and if you want I can accompany you to keep you safe and entertained.

Hugs and consultation are free, everything else is negotiable.
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