Woodsweaver: The mine


The adventures of two foresters in an imaginary near future where science and mysticism work together to create harmony between men and nature by cooperating with a mysterious intelligent creature under their forest called woodsweaver.

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Beyond the Arctic circle

The polar region: an endless remote landscape speaks about the history of the world in an ancient language to the visitor, who can discover a gentle wildlife behind the harsh cover. Scandinavia opened a portal to this mystic place when the regular trains started between the iron mine of Kiruna in Sweden and the port of Narvik in Norway. We stepped into this world beyond the polar circle and it captivated us.

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Peaceful hunt for wild beasts

The patience has finally paid off. The beast appeared on the edge of the meadow. My hearth was beating fast, the grip fit securely in my palm giving a familiar feeling. The call of the water overwhelmed the caution of the beast and it started to cross the meadow. I raised the optics to my eyes and aimed on the silhouette through the high grass. The next moment it was in front of me enlarged by the zoom like it would be within reach. It looked directly at me frozen for a moment. I pulled the sensitive trigger and it released the precise mechanism while the beast stood on its back legs and jumped. It reached the edge of the woods in seconds, but I already got what I came for: a photo of a grown deer in its own habitat.

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